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Tax reform is at the top of the wish list for the biggest US stocks

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Of S&P 500 companies reporting earnings so far, tax reform is the most talked about policy change, according to FactSet analysis published Friday.

Forty-two firms have posted quarterly results as of Wednesday, and FactSet said 11 discussed tax policy in their conference calls. Six of those 11 said lower taxes would would benefit their customers, clients or themselves, the analysis said.

Goldman Sachs was among them:

"... to the extent to which tax rates come down, we're a beneficiary. But obviously, changes in tax policy can be a huge catalyst for how all of our clients think about deploying their capital, strategic decisions."

Delta Air Lines, FedEx, Comerica, Cintas and Paychex also spoke positively of tax reform, the report said.

President Donald Trump has proposed cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent. While the final figure is likely to be somewhere in between, analysts expect reductions in the tax rate to boost companies' revenues, and consequently their earnings.