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World's biggest problems won't be solved without support from business: 'Love Actually' director

World’s biggest issues won’t be solved without business: Richard Curtis

Business leaders must become part of the solution and further aid organizations' efforts in attempting to tackle serious global risks, according to the United Nations (UN) ambassador and "Love Actually" creator, Richard Curtis.

"The world's biggest problems will not be solved without business being part of it… (not) without business being concerned about the environment and equality and all those issues," Richard Curtis told CNBC on Monday.

"So I think, in some ways, (Davos) is an incredibly important place to start," he added.

The U.K. based film writer and director had been promoting a campaign which seeks to aid the UN's Sustainable Development Goals program at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last week.

The "Global Goals" campaign, which Curtis founded, recently teamed up with Pokémon Go in an attempt to raise further awareness of issues such as extreme poverty and climate change.

Trump 'will change his mind'

Have to be full of optimism, determination when fighting causes: Filmmaker Richard Curtis

"You have to be full of optimism and determination (when fighting causes)," Curtis argued when asked about his thoughts on the new U.S. administration.

President Donald Trump committed to blocking environmental policies on the campaign trail and repeatedly questioned the established science of human-caused climate change. Shortly after the New York businessman entered office on Friday, the official White House website had deleted almost all of its references to climate change.

"I was in a meeting at Davos with the President of Rwanda, the President of Ethiopia, the Prime Minister of Sweden… all of whom are committing to putting their work next to the Sustainable Development Goals, so I think Trump will change his mind," he added.