Meet Norwegian Air Shuttle: The sixth largest low-cost carrier in the world

In the latest edition of "Marketing Media Money", CNBC takes itself on a journey with the sixth largest low-cost carrier in the world: Norwegian Air Shuttle, or as many simply call it: "Norwegian".

Founded in 1993, Norwegian is one of the world's fastest growing airlines, serving more than 150 destinations around the world.

During this episode, the airline's vice president of marketing, Stine Steffensen Børke sits down with CNBC's Carolin Roth to discuss how the company has developed over the years and how it draws in customers with unique marketing campaigns.

"People get very surprised that you can actually get value for such a low price and that sort of starts (with) where we're traveling. And our brand gets built from there."

Elsewhere in the program, CNBC takes a look at how the company tackles social media, what long haul planes it uses and why the brand decorates its tail fins with Nordic heroes.

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