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HHS nominee Tom Price mum on whether Trump lied about Obamacare replacement timing

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Is it a "lie" or an "alternative fact?"

Rep. Tom Price, the man tapped by President Donald Trump to run the federal health department, refused to say Tuesday whether Trump lied about working with him on a replacement plan for Obamacare that will be introduced after he is confirmed for the new job.

Price played coy about Trump's discussions with him — or lack thereof — when questioned at a hearing of the Senate Finance Committee, which is reviewing his nomination as secretary of the Health and Human Services Department.

Trump has called for the Affordable Care Act to be repealed and quickly replaced with new health-care legislation.

"President Trump said that he's working with you on a replacement plan for the ACA, which is nearly finished and will be revealed after your confirmation. Is that true?" asked Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio.

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Price, a medical doctor and congressman from Georgia, said, "It's true that he said that, yes."

Price's dodge was met by laughter in the hearing room, including by his own wife, who was sitting behind him.

"Not that he's ever done this before, but did the president lie?" Brown continued.

"Did the president lie about this, that he's not working with you on this?" Brown continued. "He said he's working with you. ... Did he lie to the public about working with you?"

Price didn't budge.

"I've had conversations with the president about health care, yes," Price said.

Brown later said, "I'm still not sure if the president lied, not to you, but to us, the public, about whether he's actually working with you."

"It sounds like he did," Brown said.

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