Elon Musk is moving forward on his plan to build underground tunnels for cars

Elon Musk is fed up with traffic.
Photo by James Devaney

Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars, but until he succeeds, the billionaire tech titan still has to face the annoyances of Planet Earth. Like, for example, traffic.

And while most people complain about traffic and then go back to listening to the radio or surfing Instagram, Musk got annoyed with traffic one day in mid-December and decided he should start digging underground tunnels for cars.

Though it seemed at first that Musk could be joking, he now claims on Twitter on be moving forward with his plan.

Digging will start in about a month, he says.

The first tunnel will go from his desk at SpaceX to the Los Angeles airport, Musk said back in December. And the infrastructure business will be called "The Boring Company."

"Boring" is not the first word most people would associate with Musk.

He's simultaneously working to colonize Mars with his company Space X, to get America driving electric cars with Tesla and using renewable energy with SolarCity, and to ensure a productive partnership between humans and robots with his non-profit Open AI.

Only time will tell how serious Musk is about the latest venture. But since Cards Against Humanity has experience digging holes as well as being tongue-in-cheek, perhaps he could bring it on to consult.

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