The 10 most overused buzzwords that you should delete from your resume

Courtesy of LinkedIn

You're a strategic, experienced leader focused on delivering excellent, creative solutions to the team.

And you are passionate. So very, very passionate.

Newsflash: So is everybody else.

Your resume or LinkedIn profile is your first chance to stand out when applying for a job. So slash the jargon, kill the boring language and cut the words that you think sound impressive but actually mean nothing.

The worst offender: specialized.

That's according to LinkedIn's sixth annual edition of the 10 worst buzzwords found in profiles on its site from around the globe. Here's the full list:

1. Specialized
2. Leadership
3. Passionate
4. Strategic
5. Experienced
6. Focused
7. Expert
8. Certified
9. Creative
10. Excellent

Courtesy of LinkedIn

Job hunters the world over use these buzzwords because they come to mind quickly and because there's a perception that they communicate professionalism, according to best-selling biographer Christopher Sandford, who LinkedIn Career Expert Blair Decembrele interviewed.

Here are 4 tips for shaking off the buzzwords and writing a top-notch resume or LinkedIn profile.

1. Be specific with your language. Think about introducing yourself with a short story.

2. Avoid the third person. Instead, speak directly to your reader with the use of "I."

3. List your experience. When describing your previous positions, use short, to-the-point phrases, and avoid jargon.

4. Show examples of your work. Point to specific links or upload presentations you have given to your profile.

The worst workplace buzzwords
The worst workplace buzzwords