Trump pressured Park Service to back his inauguration crowd claims: Report

Trump pressured Park Service to back inauguration crowd claims: Report

Newly sworn in President Donald Trump spoke with the acting head of the National Park Service on the phone on Saturday to personally order him to produce additional photos of inauguration crowds, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Trump personally ordered acting NPS director Michael T. Reynolds to produce additional photographs of the crowds on the Mall, according to three individuals with knowledge of the conversation, the report said. The report said the additional photos were secured, but they didn't support Trump's assertion, without evidence, that the crowd was larger than the initial photos indicated.

The president also vented anger that the agency used its Twitter account to send side-by-side photos comparing the larger crowd at former President Barack Obama's 2009 inauguration and Friday's swearing in, the report said.

The full Washington Post article can be read here.

CNBC's phone call to the White House press office, made after office hours, went unanswered and an email to the White House press office wasn't immediately returned.

The NPS communications office didn't immediately return CNBC's emailed request for comment, which was sent outside office hours.

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