$100,000 for Big Mac sauce? Limited edition bottles hit eBay

McDonald's Big Mac Special Sauce can be yours for a steep price on eBay.
Saeed Khan | AFP | Getty Images

It didn't take long for McDonald's limited edition Big Mac Special Sauce to find its way on to eBay.

The burger giant made available 10,000 bottles of the sauce at select restaurants worldwide starting Thursday. Several of those bottles have been posted to the online auction site and for quite a bit of money.

While the majority of posts offer the Big Mac sauce for a little more than $100, a few bold users have placed the target price at more than $10,000. One seller even put the sauce up for $100,000.

EBay users often put popular items up on the site for an excessive amount, but don't actually expect people to pay that price. Instead, the high price tag is a tactic to lure buyers to a seller's auction page. Once there, users click the "make offer" button and send in a lower-priced bid.

The seller of the $100,000 bottle of sauce said that if someone purchases the bottle for that price he will donate 20 percent of the sale to March of Dimes.

EBay told CNBC that there are about 40 bottles on sale on the auction site and most are selling for about $100.

Of course, not everyone is going bonkers for McDonald's secret sauce. Many social media users have pointed out that the restaurant's secret recipe has a similar flavor to Thousand Island dressing, which can easily be purchased for about $2.

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To which, McDonald's said: "The Big Mac Sauce is unique to McDonald's and includes a classic combination of ingredients." Representatives for eBay were not immediately available to comment.