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Cramer's game plan: What I expect for Apple, Amazon and Facebook earnings

Cramer's game plan: What I expect for Apple, Amazon and Facebook earnings

Regardless of what President Donald Trump does next, Jim Cramer says earnings are still running the show on Wall Street.

"The best chances to make money come when the initial negativity brings stocks down and then upon closer inspection people realize that those stocks shouldn't be down at all. Look for those situations," the "Mad Money" host said.

Next week's earnings are filled with companies that investors are all watching. With this in mind, Cramer outlined his take on the stocks and events scheduled for next week:

Monday: Enterprise Products Partners
Cramer calls this one of the best pipeline companies on Earth. He's looking to hear what Trump's deregulation agenda could mean for the future.

Tuesday: Exxon Mobil, Apple
Exxon Mobil: The feedback from this company will control the direction of oil on Tuesday. Cramer doesn't expect any surprises, but based on Chevron's earnings he will be mindful that Exxon could have a big impact.

Apple: In the wake of its recent run to $120, Cramer expects traders to sell it both before and after the quarterly report. Bears will be in full force, saying that Apple's best days are behind it. For those investors who don't own the stock, Cramer said to wait because there could be a better chance to buy.

With Apple's gigantic cash hoard overseas, it could be a major winner if Trump introduces a repatriation deal. Cramer will be looking to hear about its service revenues and the iPhone 8.

"I'm a realist; the stock has had a monster move. Be ready for some profit-taking," Cramer said.

Wednesday: Facebook
With Facebook's stock also on a run recently, Cramer is nervous because Alphabet also reported a strong quarter, but got hit anyways. He expects Facebook to say it needs to spend a lot of money on video, which could hurt the stock.

"Think bigger on both Facebook and Alphabet because these companies are doing everything they can to dominate the world, so you can't worry about a given quarter's spending as long as it has a clear path for a payoff," Cramer said.

Thursday: Amazon, Chipotle
Amazon: This is also a period of spending for Amazon, as it must build its infrastructure around the globe to replicate its domination in the U.S. Cramer isn't worried about the bottom line. He will be watching the top line, which is what matters. He says it could be spectacular, just like Netflix.

The world is going online, Cramer said, and there could be a chance to buy the stock if its earnings-per-share number is disappointing.

Chipotle: Cramer doesn't expect a turn in the stock until the company is 18 months past its last illness incident, which took place in Dec. 2015. He warned not to jump the gun, but says the stock has bottomed.

Friday: Non-farm payroll
Cramer is willing to bet this will be a strong number because so many companies have reported that business has gotten better. He's hoping for a strong number so the Federal Reserve can raise interest rates and drive the banks higher.

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