Scientists caught in Trump's travel dragnet

Thousands of people attend an anti-Donald Trump travel ban protest outside Hatfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia U.S., January 29, 2017.
Christopher Aluka Berry | Reuters

President Donald Trump's travel ban has left scientists canceling travel plans and wondering whether they have a future in America.

More than 20 researchers spoke with Nature News about how the temporary ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations "compromised by terrorism" is preventing them from traveling for research and conferences, and visiting family.

"This is something that for sure will hurt us personally," said one researcher, "but also the U.S., I think, because all these high-skilled-type professionals would not want to be here anymore."

More than 12,000 researchers — including 40 Nobel prizewinners and 6 Fields medalists — have signed a petition denouncing Trump's actions, according Nature News.

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