Netflix has a device that lets you control it with your mind


Don't touch that remote: The Netflix and chill experience got even easier.

Engineers at the streaming video platform have invented a way to scroll and play videos with your mind. Using a modified Muse device — a headband that is intended to help with meditation — users can nod to select shows or movies and think "play" in order to get the title to start. The device, called MindFlix, works by reading brain activity and using the readings to perform predetermined functions. It's not currently for sale to the public, and it was not immediately clear when it would be, if ever.

MindFlix came out of one of Netflix's "hack days," events where its product development team is given 24 hours to come up with Netflix-related projects. Other "hacks" include socks that turn off Netflix when you fall asleep, a program that allows viewers to easily donate to charities after watching socially conscious titles, and the ability to see what other profiles are viewing through picture-in-picture. Netflix did not immediately respond to a request for comment.