Tesla fans say they are canceling Model 3 orders over Musk's Trump connection

Tesla Motors unveils the new lower-priced Model 3 sedan at the Tesla Motors design studio in Hawthorne, Calif., Thursday, March 31, 2016.
Justin Prichard | AP

Customers on the waiting list for the Tesla Model 3 sedan may have been bumped up in line a bit.

Electric car blog Electrek reports that at least a few people have said they are canceling their orders for the yet-to-be-released car over Elon Musk's collaboration with the administration of President Donald Trump.


It seems that Musk's mere association with the president is engendering criticism. Trump asked Musk to serve on his Strategic & Policy Forum and a manufacturing council.

Over the weekend, Musk voiced concern with Trump's executive order restricting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, and asked his Twitter followers to read the order and offer suggestions on amendments that could be made.


Responses ranged from the supportive to the critical.



Musk is advising Trump now, but he has said disapproving things about the president in the past. Before the election, Musk said in an interview with CNBC that he thought Trump was "not the right guy," for the presidency, and that Trump "doesn't seem to have the sort of character that reflects well on the United States."

Meanwhile, it is unclear how many customers have canceled Model 3 reservations, which require a refundable $1,000 deposit.

Tesla has about a yearlong backlog of pre-orders for the car, which will be Tesla's first midpriced all-electric sedan. Musk has said the company will begin volume production of the vehicle later this year.

So far, there is no evidence Musk's involvement is having any big impact on Tesla's bottom line.

Tesla was not immediately available for comment.

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