Tony Robbins identifies the No. 1 trait that makes people successful

Tony Robbins identifies the trait Branson, Jobs and Gates have in common

Tony Robbins is a self-made millionaire, speaker and best-selling author who motivates other people for a living.

Having spent years helping thousands to achieve their personal and professional goals, he says that one characteristic separates successful people from the rest.

"When people ask what it takes to succeed, the one answer I give them is 'hunger,'" Robbins says in an interview with Alexandra Middleton, video producer for e-commerce company Shopify. Robbins will be a business mentor for Shopify's 2017 entrepreneurship contest.

"Hunger is that part of you that says, 'I will not stop. I will not give up,'" Robbins says.

Robbins says that Richard Branson, Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs all have shown this level of hunger.

In fact, most founders of groundbreaking companies show an impressive level of determination, he says.

"You have to become a master of your ability to turn on your determination, or your creativity, or your hunger," Robbins says.

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