10 'good luck' foods that could help your team win the Super Bowl

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Superstitious football fans may need more than a lucky jersey to help their team win the big game this Sunday.

It seems that some foods are luckier than others, according to Grubhub, the largest national online ordering database. The company determined the five most popular foods in the New England Patriots' hometown of Boston and in the Falcons' hometown of Atlanta.

For the Patriots, saag paneer, an Indian spinach and cheese dish, was ordered 169 percent more on days that the team won than on days that they lost. Carne asada, crispy chicken sandwiches, unagi rolls and breadsticks were also ordered at a high volume winning game days.

The Patriots won 14 out of the 16 games that they played during the 2016 season.

For the Falcons, chicken noodle soup and chicken salad were ordered 195 percent more on days that the team won versus the days that they lost. Saag paneer, negi hamachi rolls and barbecue pork were also ordered more during winning game days, said Grubhub.

The Falcons won 11 out of the 16 games that they played during the 2016 season.

While saag paneer appears to be a fan favorite for game day in Boston and Atlanta, across the U.S. chicken wings are undoubtedly the top Super Bowl Sunday choice. Four out of the five most ordered foods during last year's Super Bowl were a variation of wings.

Americans are expected to eat a whopping 1.33 billion wings during Super Bowl weekend, said a National Chicken Council annual report. That figure is up 2 percent, or about 30 million wings, from last year.

Wingstop told CNBC that it expects to sell 12 million wings this Sunday, up from the 11 million it sold last year.

The only non-wing dish was spinach and artichoke dip, which was ordered 142 percent more on Super Bowl Sunday last year than any other Sunday in 2016, Grubhub said.

Here's how the rest of the dishes stacked up: