Billion Dollar Buyer

Billion Dollar Buyer: "Everybody Thinks Their Product is Better" Gallery


Meet Gini, Dora, and Claudia of Garcia Art Glass, a glass blowing studio that makes one-of-a-kind pieces.

Tilman tries his hand at glass blowing.

The women of Garcia Art Glass bring Tilman their ideas for his Chart House Restaurants. While their designs are creative and beautiful, it's not exactly what Tilman had in mind.

In order to turn over inventory that has been around for years, Garcia Art Glass holds a pop-up sale.

It's a deal! Not only does Tilman accept their bid of $100,000 for 2,000 candle holders, he also adds another $100,000 glass order for his five new Mastro's Restaurants.

Blake and Kathleen, the owners of Desert Creek Honey, handle every step of their honey production, from the beehive to the bottle.

Tilman taste tests two of Desert Creek Honey's products, their liquid honey and their creamed honey.

As part of their challenge, Blake and Kathleen try to sell their honey and their creamed honey at The Rainforest Café.

For the other part of their challenge, Tilman puts Desert Creek Honey in three items on The Rainforest Cafe menu to see how they sell.

Blake and Kathleen bid for all of Tilman's honey business, but Tilman counters with an offer for only half of his honey business. That adds up to a $343,750 deal!