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Cramer explains how Apple powered Facebook's win

Cramer: How Apple powered Facebook's win

With Apple's stock roaring 6 percent on Wednesday, Jim Cramer noted that a win for Apple is pretty much a zero-sum game for other publicly traded companies.

The companies that have won from Apple's strength are those that can harness the power of a device to gain viewers, like Alphabet, soon-to-be-public Snapchat and Facebook.

"Facebook and Apple are a match made in heaven," the "Mad Money" host said.

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Facebook beat Wall Street's expectations for the fourth quarter, with revenue advancing to $8.81 billion versus the $8.51 expected. People simply cannot resist checking Facebook and Instagram from their iPhones, Cramer said.

As for the losers, bricks-and-mortar stores once again suffered, and this time it was because of Apple. Apple is the mall now.

"When I say that Apple is the mall, I also mean that if you were actually thinking of going to the mall, you probably ended up using your iPhone to comparison shop to be sure you weren't overpaying," Cramer said.

The better the iPhone, the more our behavior changes, Cramer explained. Take one look at apps on a phone and realize that there is no longer a need for a calendar, a camera, an encyclopedia, a watch, a CD player or even a trip to the bank.

The phone is so great users can watch Netflix on it. Cramer suspects that the quality of the screen could be so good it may have hurt ESPN's numbers.

So while many investors are worried about what retailers can beat Amazon, Cramer wants them to think the same thing for Apple. What industry can Apple take margins from? What business can it obliterate next?

"The convenience and power of the iPhone has probably taken away as many white collar jobs as the countries President Trump accuses of stealing our manufacturing jobs. Probably more so," Cramer said.

Cramer doesn't think Apple is a vicious capitalist that only leaves destruction behind it. It has still allowed innovative individuals to create thousands of businesses, and created many millionaires from its app store. It is simply a symbol of progress.

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