Billion Dollar Buyer

Billion Dollar Buyer: “You Really Think You're Ready For Me?” Gallery


Meet the ladies of Face Chairs: Katy, Jennifer, and Lisa. These professional photographers use their archive of two million images to create custom chairs

Tilman tests to see whether Face Chairs' custom Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. chairs stand up to the "ketchup test."

Tilman's employees sit on a Face Chair-designed chair while wearing very clean, white pants. And none of the color from the chairs transferred onto their pants. Success!

Tilman likes Katy, Jennifer, and Lisa's chairs, but the company's financials do not make sense. The chairs are too expensive and Face Chairs does not have a sustainable business model.

Even though a deal was not made, Tilman commissions Face Chairs to create a custom chair that sells for $9,500 at an auction.

BJ, Bob, and James run 44 Farms in Texas, which is a producer of Black Angus cattle.

Tilman rides through 44 Farms with Bob and James to learn about their beef.

Tilman and his chefs taste-test different cuts of 44 Farms beef. It goes so well that Tilman wants to try serving their beef in his restaurants.

Since 44 Farms only sells whole cows and not just the ribeye, strip, and filet cuts, Tilman's chefs attempt to find ways to incorporate the other cuts of beef into their dishes.

It's a two-million dollar deal! 44 Farms allows Tilman to only purchase the premium cuts he wants and not the whole cow, but Tilman has to settle for a lower quantity of beef per order.