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Cramer: The right time to buy more oil stocks


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Barclays: "I think there is more [of a gain]. I like these European banks. By the way, don't forget, my new favorite spec is Banco Santander."

Express Scripts: "Too risky. I like UnitedHealth in that group. That is my play, I am not deveating from it. I don't need to go down. I know Cardinal had a good number today, and god bless them. UnitedHealth."

Mindbody: "We like them. We thought that was a really clever niche that they've got going. I like them. They can expand that niche and blow it out so-to-speak."

New York Community Bancorp: "The chart does dovetail with what's going on in the banking business, but you need to see rates a little bit higher for that one. Otherwise it's going to stall out, but you've got that yield. I think it's OK."

Amgen: "Amgen had a really great quarter and they've got that really important drug that can reduce heart disease. I think you've got a winner there. I know it's probably going to trade down off of that Gilead number, which is not too good. But remember, you're right, we've got the Trump tweet thing going with the drug stocks again, that's going to give you a little bit of a discount so you can get in at a better price."

Frank's International: "It's oil related, oil is coming down and you'll get a better chance to buy it. The oil stocks have a big inventory build. I think they get a big rig count number on Friday and then I want to step up and buy more oil. I'm not backing away. I think oil is good here, not great, it can go down a little bit lower."

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