30-year-old self-made millionaire: You should commit to a Sunday date night with your money

The Penny Hoarder says one weekly habit has helped save him thousands

Kyle Taylor says that if you want to save money, you have to enjoy doing it.

That's why the 30-year-old self-made millionaire sets aside one hour each week for a date of sorts with his finances.

"Every Sunday I sit down for an hour," Taylor tells CNBC. "I look at my spending the week before and think about what changes I need to make in the next week to hit my goals."

"I make it fun," he says. "I make a good meal. I have a glass of wine."

The simple habit has helped him go from broke to wealthy in just a few years.

As recently as 2010, Taylor was drowning in debt and unsure if he could afford next month's rent. Frustrated, he decided to buckle down and prioritize better personal finance habits.

Today, Taylor is a millionaire and the founder and CEO of The Penny Hoarder, a site that offers practical personal finance advice to millions of readers.

Kyle Taylor, founder and CEO of The Penny Hoarder

Sunday is a good day to have this personal finance date with yourself, he says, because it starts you off on the right foot for the upcoming week.

"I look at my retirement savings, I look at my emergency fund," Taylor says. "I ask myself, 'Am I getting ahead or am I falling behind?'"

By reviewing his credit card and bank account history, he can keep his spending in check and remind himself of his saving goals.

I make a good meal. I have a glass of wine.
Kyle Taylor
founder and CEO of The Penny Hoarder

"It gives me a nice little check-in right at the beginning of the week to make good financial choices all week long," he says.

Check out the equation Taylor uses to make sure he's not overspending.

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