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Cramer's lightning round: How to play Panera after it's big pop


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

BlackRock: "All that stock seems to do over time is give you a good dividend, go up a lot and makes you a lot of money. I think you've got to stick with it."

Macquarie Infrastructure Corp: "It's got a good yield. I know people like infrastructure. I am not going to endorse it because I've got to find out why it took such a big hit. I've got to do homework and I will come back to you."

Dave & Buster's Entertainment: "Man, I tell you that thing is on fire. And that is why I like Stephen King [CEO] when he comes on the show. He is an optimist who is also a realist and a skeptic and has done a fantastic job at PLAY."

Callaway Golf: "The sporting goods thing leaves me cold. It doesn't matter whether we are talking Under Armour, or if we're talking Nike. It just doesn't even matter, even Dick's Sporting Goods. I'm just not there. You have to be very careful of things that are sold at retail."

AU Optronics: "That is a hit-or-miss stock. It's too dicey for me. Although I am thinking about Ciena and I'm thinking about Cisco reports next week, and I like Cisco. My charitable trust owns that one."

Pfizer: "Why do you need Pfizer when you go right down the road and you get Allergan?"

Panera Bread: "My charitable trust owns it ... and I thought the quarter was great. And we own it so this is going to sound strange, but we told people to sell a little today. Because it was good but it wasn't that good, up 18 points. So that's my advice, don't chase it."

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