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Read this now: Attack in Afghanistan | Tillerson meeting | Liquor sales grow

CNBC Update: Afghan Red Cross workers killed

Here are some of the key stories CNBC is following this hour:

Gunmen killed at least six Red Cross workers in Afghanistan. The Afghan workers were in a convoy carrying supplies to areas in northern Afghanistan that had been hit by deadly snow storms. Two other workers were unaccounted for.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meeting with his Canadian counterpart, Chrystia Freeland, at the State Department. Her visit is expected to lay the groundwork for an anticipated visit by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

National Weather Service workers are in Scott County, Mississippi to assess damage caused by a severe storm. Preliminary reports show a tornado may have ripped through the area. The storm damaged buildings and uprooted trees.

Data from the Distilled Spirits Council show the industry has taken market share from beer for the seventh-straight year. Last year, liquor sales reported a 4.5 percent bump in sales to wholesalers, with sales volume up about 2.5 percent.