8 work-from-home jobs that can pay over $100,000

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Working from home has its perks. You can send emails and take calls from the comfort of your own couch. Plus, you eliminate the daily commute.

According to job search site FlexJobs, you can also make a sizable paycheck. The site has provided CNBC with a list of eight of the highest-paying telecommuting jobs currently listed.

Below, we have linked to each listing, which includes salary and benefits information. We also included the general job description and salary range from compensation information company PayScale.

Here are eight jobs where you can earn over $100,000 without leaving your living room.

8. Project manager

The project manager coordinates, documents, and assigns tasks for the project team and provides the team with direction and support.

Salary: Up to $111,000

7. Back end developer

Back-end developers/engineers play a fundamental role in an organization's digital projects, as they are responsible for programming and maintaining the company's website and all its components.

Salary: Up to $117,000

6. Senior policy analyst

A senior policy analyst works to ensure that government and corporate policies achieve desired effects and meet minimum levels of efficiency.

Salary: Up to $128,000

5. Clinical data manager

Senior clinical data managers work on all aspects of data management for medical research projects and work in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, university research programs, the government, and biotech/pharmaceutical companies.

Salary: Up to $134,00

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4. Data engineer

Data engineers are responsible for developing and translating computer algorithms into prototype code and maintaining, organizing, and identifying trends in large data sets.

Salary: Up to $142,000

3. Director of analytics

Directors of analytics supervise a team that provides analytical expertise for their organization. They are in charge of coordinating efforts and provide coaching to staff members in their department.

Salary: Up to $178,000

2. Internal audit director

The internal audit director works with internal company resources and employees to evaluate and optimize financial functions.

Salary: Up to $192,000

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1. Medical director

Medical directors must ensure that the medical model for their company meets all requirements and their patients receive the best care available.

Salary: Up to $317,000

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