Trump dating site boosted by presidential inauguration but founder told to ‘go kill’ himself

Lucy Handley, special to CNBC

The empire that bears the Trump name includes hotels, golf courses, real estate, a winery and a TV production business. A room for two at Trump International Hotel and Tower New York costs upwards of $428 on Valentine's night, while a one-bedroom apartment in a Trump-branded tower in Chicago was sold for more than $1.6 million in May 2016.

But for those who want to experience a piece of the Trump empire for less, there is now a dating site for Republican supporters:, costing $19.99 a month. It's not an official Trump family business and is not affiliated to the president, but has been inspired by his election campaign: its tagline is "Making dating great again."

Launched by former production coordinator David Goss in May 2016, the site saw a bump in people signing up in the days before and after Trump's inauguration on January 20, 2017, going from 18,000 to 26,000, and Goss claims there are now more than 30,000 users.

The site supports Trump – it posted on its Facebook page: "All of us here at are so proud to have Trump as our POTUS!" on January 21 – and has been subject to a backlash, explains Goss, who also is president of its holding company Patriotic Investments.

"I get a lot of negativity from them [opposers of Trump], we get a lot of stupid stuff like: 'Why can't they just meet at a KKK meeting?'," he told by phone.

"I've been told to go kill myself a handful of times, it's all the echo chamber stuff that has been spewed over and over and over again, they are not original at all."

Goss set up the site after speaking with people whose dates had turned sour once couples revealed opposing political views. "There was so much divisiveness going on and I thought if there were political dating sites for the left but there wasn't anything for the right, and it felt like we need to find dates too.

"It's not cheap to go out on a date, and if you're going to be going out spending money and all of a sudden politics comes up and you're just told that you're a racist because you supported Trump, or a xenophobe or a misogynist, or whatever the fake outrage or insults that have been coming in at us, you don't want to be wasting your money [on a date] wondering if you are going to be called names," he said.

However, Goss thought there would no longer be a need for after the election, being convinced that Hillary Clinton would win.

"I was sitting at a bar writing up rebranding ideas five hours before Pennsylvania got announced, and then as soon as Pennsylvania got announced and we knew that he'd won I crumpled up that piece of paper and threw it away, because we knew we had four years at that point." Had Trump lost, Goss planned to rebrand as a dating site for wealthy business people, he told California radio station KHTS AM this week.

Goss – who won't be using the site himself having been married for more than two years – has used paid-for marketing on Twitter to promote, and is planning radio commercials and videos.

"As much media attention as we've got and as much as our name has been out there on a daily basis, we also get a direct message on Twitter or messages on Facebook from people saying: 'I'm so glad that I've found you, I didn't know that you were around,' and so there are still plenty of people out there that don't know that we're here, we want to get the word out more so that more people can enjoy our service," he told

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