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Predictable framework conditions crucial, says Norsk Hydro CFO

We left 2016 on a much better note: Norsk Hydro CFO
We need predictable conditions to invest: Norsk Hydro CFO

With President Donald Trump now in office, the chief financial officer of global aluminium company Norsk Hydro has highlighted predictability as being crucial for the business and industry as a whole.

"For us and our industry, I mean, what we need is predictable – as predictable as possible – framework conditions," Eivind Kallevik told CNBC on Friday.

"When we do invest, we don't invest for the next 12 months," Kallevik added. "We invest for… decades at a time, so to have a relatively clear pathway going forward is quite important for us."

Asked whether Trump would be a large material influencer of trends in his industry, Kallevik was cautious. "Well let's see," he said. "I mean, it's been quite an interesting election campaign and post-election campaign… let's see what the future brings."

Turning his attention to the environmental impact of the business, Kallevik noted the benefits of producing materials in Norway.

"Based on the fact that we have… about half of our production in Norway based on hydropower, you know, there's no place better to produce aluminium than in Norway in terms of the CO2 footprint," he said.

"We emit probably a fifth or less than that compared to what it would take in China to produce aluminium."