Disney hikes some US park ticket prices up to 4.9 percent

The Magic Kingdom park at Walt Disney World Resort.
Getty Images

Walt Disney is raising the admission price for its U.S. theme parks by as much as $5 for some single-day tickets starting on Sunday.

One-day prices at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, will stay flat or rise up to 4.9 percent, the company said.

A single-day, adult pass to the Magic Kingdom will cost between $107 to $124 depending on the time of year. Disney last year started using a three-tier structure that charges visitors more during peak periods to help spread out crowds.

The $124 price for peak season, which is over major holiday periods, spring break and parts of the summer, is unchanged.

At Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, the new single-day prices range from $97 to $124.

Price increases are an annual tradition for Disney parks. The company offers discounts through annual passes and multi-day tickets, which also will change and in some cases decrease. A two-day ticket at Walt Disney World will decline by $3 to $199, for example.

Theme parks are Disney's second-largest division, bringing in nearly $17 billion in revenue and $3.3 billion in operating income for the fiscal year that ended in September, according to company earnings reports.