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CNBC Update: Jerry Sandusky's adopted son charged with sexual assault

Here are some of the key stories CNBC is following this hour:

Jerry Sandusky's 41-year-old son Jeffrey has been charged by Pennsylvania authorities with sexually abusing two minors. State police say that the two were the teenage daughters of a woman he was dating and living with.

Lawyers for Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl said today that the accused deserter can't get a fair trial due to comments made by Donald Trump. Trump repeatedly criticized Bergdahl on the campaign trail for being a traitor. Trump said Bergdahl would have been shot if this happened 50 years ago. These comments, the sergeant's attorneys say, violates his right to due process.

Elsewhere in the nation, conflict over immigration is still raging. Protesters in Wisconsin had a "Day Without Immigrants" rally to stress the importance of immigrants to the community. Activists are using protests like this to help stop the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department from turning sheriff's deputies into immigration agents.

The Magic Kingdom is getting a bit more pricey. Single-day tickets at the flagship Disney World resort are rising to either $107, $115 or $124 depending on the time and season. Disneyland tickets also saw a bump, with the new prices ranging from $97 to $124. The new tickets also come with an expiration date.