Trump uncertainty will continue to buoy gold prices: Asset manager

Uncertainty will lead to surge in gold: Expert

Uncertainty in the next few years over the term of Donald Trump's presidency will boost the gold market, an asset manager said Tuesday.

"If there's a way to measure uncertainty in the next four years, we would say it's basically off the charts at this point in time," said VanEck Australia's director of investments and portfolio strategy, Russel Chesler.

He cited Trump's unpredictability, "unconventional way of governing", executive orders and anti-trade stance as contributors to risks in a market that used to be focused on the Federal Reserve.

Uncertainty over U.S. President Donald Trump's term in office will boost gold prices, an Australian asset manager says. In this photo taken on January 31 in the China, an inflatable rooster figure with a Donald Trump hairstyle and hand gestures, stands outside a gold shop to attract customers.
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"Over the last couple months, everybody's become obsessed with Trump, his actions, statements and of course his tweets. We think this is going to continue. It's an up-and-down ride and these risks are going to be positive for gold going forward," Chesler told CNBC's "The Rundown".

Other factors supporting gold's role as an inflation hedge and safe haven including rising U.S. inflation expectations, Brexit, elections in several European countries and Trump's proposed tax cuts which will mean there will be "debt coming for a long time", he added.

Gold prices took a beating after Trump's victory but have since rebounded 7 percent this year-to-date. Spot gold prices are slightly higher on Tuesday afternoon in Asia, trading around $1,228 an ounce.

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