American Girl has a new addition, and it's a boy

And keeping the beat as Tenney’s drummer is newcomer Logan Everett, American Girl’s first-ever boy character.
Source: American Doll

Say hello to Logan, American Girl's first-ever 18-inch boy doll.

The company, which has vowed to make its collection of dolls ever more diverse, is making good on its promise.

Logan Everett, a drummer, joins American Girl's lineup with his bandmate Tenney Grant, and is just one of several additions planned for this year. The two dolls are rising stars in the Nashville music scene, and will be available starting Feb. 16.

The company also plans relaunch its popular Felicity doll, along with a new book, on that same date.

American Girl said it is launching a series of historical and contemporary figures to "speak to even more girls' interests, backgrounds, and experiences."

This rollout started in January with its 2017 Girl of the Year Gabriela, an African-American girl who overcomes her speech impediment through poetry.

Then, later this year, consumers will meet Z Yang, a Korean-American character featured on the company's YouTube page, and Nanea, a historical Hawaiian character.

"The fresh approach gives voice to a diverse range of personalities and backgrounds and new ways for girls to connect with smart, compelling, and aspirational characters that they can relate to and love," the company said in a statement Tuesday.

American Girl, which was bought by Mattel in 1998, has been a bright spot for the company. The toymaker expanded sales of the brand beyond its American Girl stores to retailers such as Kohl's and Toys R Us. While worldwide sales of the iconic dolls were flat last year, Mattel reported that fourth-quarter sales rose 4 percent versus the prior year.

Overall, Mattel reported disappointing earnings and weaker-than-expected sales for the fourth quarter. The toymaker suffered, in part, from the loss of a lucrative contract for Disney princesses to Hasbro back in 2014.

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