TGI Fridays endless appetizer fans won't have to watch the clock; the deal is here for good

TGI Fridays keeps endless appetizer offer on menu

The restaurant industry value wars are not over.

In an attempt to entice diners to its restaurants, TGI Fridays is making its endless appetizer promotion a permanent menu addition. For $10 customers can enjoy endless quantities of a combination the chain's appetizers, including pot stickers, boneless buffalo wings, loaded potato skins and mozzarella sticks, among others.

TGI Fridays has also added two new appetizers: meatballs and fried pickles.

"Endless Apps have become a pop culture phenomenon, as evidenced by the outcry we heard every time the limited time offer expired," John Antioco, TGI Fridays chief executive officer, said in a statement.

The restaurant industry has struggled with weak sales and traffic throughout 2016 and chains are developing ways to lure in new, relapsed and current customers.

In addition to endless apps, TGI Fridays is launching a new line-up of burgers. The intention is to create "the ultimate social bar vibe," the chain said.

Many casual dining restaurants have opted to allocate more space towards the bar area and add more menu choices, as alcoholic beverage purchases have become a larger portion of sales at chains.