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Trump needs a ‘time-out’ from tweeting: Financial advisor


Trump and Twitter: The financial advisor take

CNBC asked financial advisors Peter Mallouk, Ron Carson and Louis Barajas what they thought of President Donald Trump's Twitter habits.

While one advisor found pros and cons from Trump's tweeting, another felt it was just not very presidential.

He may think he's being "hip and cool," said Carson, CEO and founder of the Carson Group, but it "degrades" the office of the president.

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"I don't think [Trump's tweeting] elevates his authority or his perception in the eyes of people who are looking to him for leadership," Carson said.

Barajas, founder and CEO of Wealth Management Lab, likened Trump's behavior to a child who has been behaving badly and requires some discipline.

When Trump tweets, he's very reactive instead of really thinking things through, Barajas said. "When a child is behaving badly, you put him in a time-out," he added. "I think Trump needs a time-out."

As for Mallouk, president and CIO of Creative Planning, he believes Trump's use of Twitter as a communications tool gives him a direct line both to Americans and to people around the world.

"You're hearing from him unfiltered," he said. "It's exactly what he is thinking, whether you like it or not, and in many ways that's a pretty good thing."

With that said, Mallouk also acknowledged that Trump should probably "be more cautious" with his use of Twitter when he starts addressing specific countries and the implications around foreign trade and commerce.