Trump critics need to remember an important fact — he won by being different, Bill Daley says

Markets and the Trump agenda

Americans should stop expecting a different President Donald Trump than candidate Trump, longtime Democratic insider Bill Daley told CNBC on Thursday.

The former Obama chief of staff and ex-Clinton Commerce secretary said, "Trump is a different politician. He was a different businessman. His campaign was different. What you saw in his campaign is what you're going to see in his presidency."

"That's who he is. [He's] 70 years old. He won when no one thought he would, in a style that was very different. Why change now?" Daley said on "Squawk Box."

But Daley said "the perceived chaos around the White House" could complicate the president's ability to work with Congress to pass his promised pro-economic growth agenda.

"The market is being very anticipatory of tax reform and the regulatory reform that the president has talked about," said Daley, head of U.S. operations at Swiss hedge fund Argentiere Capital. "The devil is always in the details. And the time which they'll get that done is probably a lot longer than the market realizes right now."

Daley predicted Trump probably won't get everything he wants from Capitol Hill, even though Republicans control the House and Senate.