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Trump's success list: Here's what the president says the White House has accomplished so far

Trump: Never been a presidency that's done so much in short period of time

President Donald Trump claimed Thursday he has made "incredible" progress in fulfilling many campaign promises since taking office only four weeks ago.

In his first solo press conference as president, Trump touted a list of accomplishments he said the White House has made, bypassing what he called the "dishonest" media.

Here's Trump's list:

  • Hiring freeze on nonessential federal workers
  • The stock market has hit record numbers
  • Imposed temporary moratorium and new federal regulations
  • Has stood up for men and women in law enforcement, including implementing a task force.
  • A plan to destroy criminal cartels
  • Extreme vetting
  • A plan to build a wall along the Mexican border
  • A "crackdown" on sanctuary cities refusing to comply with federal law
  • Negotiated and saved money on U.S. contracts
  • Withdrew "from the job-killing disaster known as TPP"
  • Eliminated regulations for manufacturers
  • U.S. approval rating is at 55 percent and "going up."
  • A surge in optimism, particularly in the business world
  • American plants and factories moving back into U.S.
  • Productive conversations with world leaders
  • A plan in progress to defeat ISIS

The list of undone promises includes infrastructure improvements, health care reform, a tax overhaul. Trump said last week he plans to make a "phenomenal" tax announcement in a few weeks.