Facebook HR exec says the company's best hires all share this trait

How to get hired at Facebook
How to get hired at Facebook

Tudor Havriliuc sees a lot of resumes.

As Vice President of Compensation, Benefits and Global Mobility at Facebook, he's been responsible for building and scaling the social media company and increasing personnel by a factor of 10.

He says that Facebook has a laser focus on finding "people who like to build things."

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks during an event at Facebook headquarters.
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"We need people who are willing to spend most of the time building things," he says, "and also people who want to see themselves with us on this journey for a long time."

Havriliuc spoke with CNBC in advance of Glassdoor's Best Places to Work Roadshow, at which Facebook will divulge how it garners so many "likes" as a workplace.

Despite the fact that 1.23 billion people around the world use the social platform every day, Facebook sees itself as a company in its infancy, with infinite possibilities in the future.

"We like to say we're only one percent done," says Havriliuc. "When you look at all the platforms we're building — Instagram, Oculus, WhatsApp — there's just a huge runway ahead of us."

The folks most likely to help the company keep advancing at top speed are those who not only enjoy the challenge of creating new things but who bring varying skills and approaches for doing so.

"This concept of playing to your strengths," he says, "really runs throughout our people approach."

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