Ferrari just unveiled its most powerful production car ever

Ferrari 812 Superfast
Source: Ferrari

Ferrari just introduced a new set of wheels that lives up to its name: 'Superfast.'

The high-end automaker has published the first pictures and specifications for its new 12-cylinder model, which will be its most powerful production car ever.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast replaces the F12 model, taking that vehicle's insane power and sonic beauty to a new level.

Ferrari 812 Superfast
Source: Ferrari

The Superfast has a 6.5-liter V12 engine that cranks out 789 horsepower — at least 20 more than the F12. All that power can get the Superfast to 211 miles per hour.

To help control that speed, the rear-wheel-drive car has four-wheel steering and Ferrari's new "Side Slip Control" designed to keep drivers on the track or road.

As for the car's exterior design, Ferrari continues to be more evolutionary than revolutionary. While the Superfast looks similar to the F12, it's got more aggressive curves and a beefier rear flank to provide a downward force at high speeds.

Ferrari 812 Superfast
Source: Ferrari

Ferrari is releasing the car in a new color called Rosso Settanta, created for the company's 70th anniversary.

The automaker will debut the 812 Superfast at the Geneva Motor Show in March. For interested buyers, the price will be revealed at that time.

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