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Spherified yogurt and edible soil: These are Asia's 10 best restaurants

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Every year, industry leaders come together to create a list of 'Asia's 50 Best Restaurants' based on votes across the region.

Sponsored by San Pellegrino/Acqua Panna and published by William Reed Business Media, who also releases 'The World's 50 Best Restaurants,' the Asian edition has become a key guide for both amateur and professional foodies.

Singapore, China, Japan and Thailand each boasted nine restaurants in 2017's edition, which was released late on Tuesday. Click ahead to see who made it to the top 10 list, but good luck getting a table.

10) Burnt Ends - Singapore

Chef-owner Dave Pynt's Australian and Basque influenced smoky barbecue has taken the city-state by storm, all thanks to his kitchen's four-ton, two-oven brick kiln.

Flatiron steak with burnt onion and bone marrow and hida wagyu are sold by weight while seafood delicacy langoustine is served with tobiko and kombu beurre blanc.

9) Odette - Singapore


Named after French chef Julien Noyer's grandmother, Odette is a two-star Michelin joint dedicated to sourcing ingredients from artisanal producers across the globe, a philosophy that Royer describes as 'essential cuisine.'

French guinea fowl with celeriac risotto and foie gras croquette, or trout with grilled octopus, romanesco broccoli and miso caramel, are among popular orders.

8) Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet - Shanghai

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet

Immersive dining is front-and-center at Ultraviolet, where chef-patron Paul Pairet utilizes video, audio, lighting, scent, food and drink to stimulate customers' senses and create avant-garde gastronomy.

"With each course its own self-contained mini drama, it's also described as a story in 20 courses," describes Asia's 50 Best Restaurants. An acclaimed dish is the 'Tomato Mozza And Again,' which tricks diners' perceptions with identical dishes that taste different.

7) Nihonryori RyuGin - Tokyo

Modern kaiseki cuisine—Japanese fine dining that consists of a prescribed set of courses—is modernized at Nihonryori RyuGin, where the menu is constantly changing depending on seasonal produce.

Highlights range from bamboo shoots and wild herbs in springtime to autumn's matsutake mushrooms, Japan's version of the black truffle.

6) NARISAWA - Tokyo

Chef Narisawa's acclaimed 'Satoyama scenery' dish

NARISAWA'S theme of "harmony of sustainability and gastronomy" earned it the title of Japan's best restaurant this year.

An ardent follower of epicurean ecology, chef Yoshihiro Narisawa is known for sourcing produce from organic farmers and practices Satoyama cuisine, which uses environmentally-friendly and seasonal ingredients such as edible soil and rice leftovers from sake production. Pictured is his famed 'Satoyama Scenery' dish that employs fried burdock, soy pulp and carbonized green tea.

5) nahm - Bangkok

Smoked fish curry with prawns

Authentic Thai cuisine is the name of the game at nahm, where Australian chef-owner David Thompson takes inspiration from recipes listed in Thai memorial books.

Carefully balancing hot, sour, sweet, and salty flavors, Thompson is known for his use of uncommon ingredients such as the guinea fowl, sourced from Chinag Mai's Royal Project initiative that introduces alternative crops to hill tribes. Pictured is smoked fish curry, with prawns.

4) 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA - Hong Kong

Chef Umberto Bombana
8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA

Award-winning chef Umberto Bombana's Italian restaurant, named after Federico Fellini's celebrated 1963 movie, was awarded two Michelin stars after just eleven months of opening.

Known as the 'King of White Truffles' in Hong Kong, Bombana now has 8½ branches in Shanghai and Macau, as well as other restaurants in Beijing and Hong Kong.

3) Amber - Hong Kong

Helmed by culinary director Richard Ekkebus, Amber was voted China's best restaurant this year for dishes that combine French classics with a Hong Kong edge. It's also a hotspot for wine lovers, with one of Asia's most respected sommeliers, John Chan, supervising over 1,000 labels.

Notable dishes include Jerome Galis green asparagus with raw and marinated kibinago, as well as Korean abalone with black pepper, vinegar-seasoned tomato compote and oxtail.

2) Restaurant André - Singapore

Taiwanese chef Andre Chiang
SAM YEH/AFP/Getty Images

Coming in second on the list and taking the prize of Singapore's best restaurant, Restaurant André is known for a credo that chef-owner Andre Chiang calls 'octaphilosophy.'

A set of eight principles—unique, pure, texture, memory, salt, south, artisan and terroir—guides Chiang's work as he re-interprets southern French cuisine, using elements from his Taiwanese heritage and Japanese childhood.

1) Gaggan - Bangkok

Anand's 'Yogurt Explosion'

The brainchild of Kolkata-born chef Gaggan Anand, this restaurant was also voted Thailand's best restaurant in 2017 and fans of the hit Netflix series 'Chef's Table' will recognize it from the second season.

Blending Indian street food with molecular gastronomy, Anand has become the face of progressive South Asian cuisine. Pictured is his signature amuse bouche, a burst of mango chutney in spherified yoghurt, served in flat-bottomed spoons.