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Read this now: 6 killed in Pakistan|Iraqi forces target ISIS in Mosul

CNBC Update: 6 killed during suicide bombing in Pakistan

Here are some of the key stories CNBC is following this hour:

An attack in northwestern Pakistan left six people dead, fifteen wounded. Officials say a group of three suicide bombers with grenades and assault rifles perpetrated the attack.

An Iraqi state TV broadcast footage of Iraqi fighter jets pounding ISIS positions in the western part of Mosul. A military spokesman said Iraqi forces were consolidating their gains south of the city before moving into its ISIS-held western half.

American Airlines unveiled cheaper "basic economy" fares to compete with discount airlines, available for flights starting March 1. The fares will apply to 10 different routes at airports in Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia, and Charlotte.

Apple could ring in the spring with new products. Rumors suggest the company will hold an event next month to unveil a new iPad and a new red iPhone 7. Apple hasn't confirmed the event.