Facebook Messenger might start offering you suggestions about what to buy, report says

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO
Justin Sullivan | Getty Images

Facebook may pop more products into Facebook Messenger, The Information reported on Wednesday.

Suggestions to buy something or make a reservation will be injected into conversations on Messenger, the technology blog reported. The suggestions, generated by artificial intelligence, will help users "discover" options for commerce within the app, The Information said.

Facebook may also be working on a "native payments" system that lets users buy items without entering their credit card information each time, The Information said. The changes are likely to be revealed at the company's annual developer conference in April, according to the report.

CNBC has reached out to Facebook for comment.

Having more options to buy products on Facebook could bolster the company's digital advertising business, which is estimated to be one of the top two in the world, along with Google. Google's Allo app can also make suggestions, like nearby restaurants, based on the text of a conversation.

Still, Facebook is trying to make sure the artificial intelligence is "not intrusive enough that it'll create a bad messaging experience," an unnamed source told The Information.

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