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CNBC Update: Speaker Ryan saddles up to visit border

Here are some of the key stories CNBC is following this hour:
House Speaker Paul Ryan visited McAllen, Texas to see border security operations in the Rio Grande Valley. He saddled up on a horse and rode around with border officials. It was the first time he visited the border region.

Thousands marched in Ukraine's capital to mark the third anniversary of the Maidan protests. The march began at a memorial for victims of the 2014 revolution before moving to government buildings in Kiev.

A J.D. Power study finds Lexus and Porsche to be the most dependable vehicle brands. It polled more than 35,000 owners of 2014 model-year vehicles and rated brands by the number of problems those owners had in the last 12 months. Toyota, Buick, and Mercedes-Benz rounded out the top 5.

Astronomers have discovered 7 Earth-sized planets orbiting a nearby star. NASA and the Belgian-led research team say the cluster of planets is 40 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius. They circle around a dim dwarf star called Trappist-1, and they could hold life.