Blue Collar Millionaires: "Fake It Till You Make It" Slideshow


Known as "The Dynamic Door Man," Steve Humble is the president and creator of Creative Home Engineering.

Steve specializes in making secret doors, which can retail anywhere between $2,500 and $100,000. Last year, the company made $1.2 million in annual revenue.

One of Steve's prized possessions is his Corvette z06 which is valued at $90,000.

Charlie Ferer is no ordinary landscaper; he is the owner and creator of Paradise Greens in Phoenix, AZ.

After the success of Paradise Greens, Charlie decided to apply his knowledge and passion for firearms into Armageddon Tactical Solutions, a military consulting company.

Charlie has treated himself to some luxury items, like a $1.5 million home, a home theater, and customized cars.

Brian Whiteway started his company, Dallas White Property Restorations, with only a laptop, a pickup truck, and one office manager. Now, his company has 35 full-time employees and 100 - 200 rotating part-time employees.

Brian's success did not happen overnight. He started his very first company, at the age of 20, to help pay for his sisters' college tuitions.

Because of all his success, Brian is able to splurge on a Rolls Royce, a supercharged Range Rover, and a Bentley. He is also a member of the Southern Highlands Country Club, which comes with a hefty $65,000 membership fee.