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Read this now: Turkish car bomb kills at least 35 | RBG not retiring

CNBC Update: Car bomb in Turkey kills at least 35

Here are some of the key stories CNBC is following this hour:

Turkish media reported that a car bomb north of a town just captured from ISIS by Turkish forces killed at least 35 people, including civilians and Syrian opposition fighters. The Syrians put the death toll at 45. The car bomb detonated outside a security office.

Malaysian police are investigating how two women received a nerve agent allegedly smeared on the face of the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. They surmise it was a massive amount of the chemical because small amounts of the substance are difficult to detect.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she doesn't plan to retire from the court anytime soon. The 83-year-old judge appeared on a BBC broadcast Thursday night and said she plans to serve as long as she can.

A Colorado rancher plowed 800-feet long letters reading 'Trump' into his land. He said he was frustrated by the negativity coming from President Donald Trump's opponents. He also said if the president sees the sign flying overhead, he's invited to stop by the ranch.