Trump will push for higher defense spending: Report

President Donald Trump intends to expand U.S. defense spending for the coming fiscal year, the New York Times reported late on Sunday, citing senior administration officials.

The president will ask federal agencies to formulate a budget on Monday that will detail the increase, the Times said. The budget may also involve cuts for the Environmental Protection Agency but no reductions for Social Security and Medicare are expected, it added.

Departments will have "several days" to comment on the financial blueprint, and congressional leaders will be alerted before Trump addresses a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, the Times said.

NBC News confirmed the Times report, with a senior official saying that Monday's budget outline will include "massive military, intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement" hikes. The official added that those increases will be matched "dollar for dollar" with cuts to other agencies.

Read the full story from the New York Times here.

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