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Berkshire shareholder: I don't know why the company bought more Apple

Janjigian: iPhones are 'not toilet paper,' technology changes

"I'm surprised [Warren Buffett's Berkshire] bought more Apple," Berkshire Hathaway shareholder Robert Miles, also author of the book titled, "The Warren Buffett CEO," said in an interview Monday on CNBC's "Power Lunch."

Miles is referring to the fact that the company more than doubled its Apple holdings in 2017. Buffett talked to CNBC in an exclusive interview Monday morning, trumpeting stocks and bashing bonds.

While Miles doesn't fully understand Buffett's newfound interest in Apple — Buffett has long steered away from tech companies and instead toward steady, dividend-paying stocks — he was "comforted" to hear the 86-year-old speak on CNBC this morning … "very sharp, able to recall facts and figures."

Vahan Janjigian, CIO of Greenwich Wealth Management, chimed in during Miles' "Power Lunch" interview, saying Buffett probably views Apple as more of a "consumer products company."

"[Buffett] doesn't know about tech, but he knows people love iPhones and will continue to buy them," Janjigian said.

Miles added that the world is getting a glimpse into what the "Berkshire Hathaway of the future" might look like: "Now with the two recent additions to [Berkshire's] portfolio — Apple and airlines. … We are seeing acquisitions led by outstanding investment managers."

As for the debate on stocks versus bonds — and Buffett's preference for stocks — Janjigian says bond investors are "more skeptical" of Trump's policies than equity investors. For that reason, bond yields remain low, he said.

The runup in the stock market since Trump's election is a "little unjustified," Janjigian told CNBC. "Investors are focusing on the good aspects of Trump's policies … like tax reform … and ignoring the bad aspects, like trade wars."

Here are all the stories culled from Buffett's wide-ranging "Squawk Box" interview:

— CNBC's Matthew Belvedere contributed to this report.