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Cramer's lightning round: The only Chinese stock I will recommend

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

PayPal Holdings: "I think PayPal is not inexpensive, but at the same time great growth with a fantastic CEO Dan Schulman."

First Solar: "No we have enough problems with so many of the great energy companies right now... this company just had a big jump up after really getting clobbered. We want to stay away. Too rocky."

Weibo: "I don't recommend Chinese stocks. I can get comfortable with Alibaba, and that's about it. I just think that it's too, it's not prudent enough for me to recommend Chinese stocks. They are too difficult to understand."

C.H. Robinson Worldwide: "That stock was breaking out. I looked at the charts this weekend and I said you know what, maybe we should be looking at that more than FedEx and UPS. That's a good one."

Texas Instruments Inc: "I think Texas Instruments is inexpensive. I've done the work on that company. I also like Analog Devices, I like Micron, I like AMD, I like Intel. I obviously like the group including Broadcom, and my charitable trust owns NXP because I like the deal with Qualcomm."

U.S. Silica Holdings: "The oil patch is so, so hard. We know Transocean called a bottom last week but I don't trust it for these ones that are ancillary plays. I'm going to say stay away."

Qualcomm: "I listened to the company this morning. I think it's got an interesting story but unless they close that deal with NXPI I don't want it because they are too much telco and too dependent on a lot of countries and Apple."

Array Biopharma: "Interesting. This is one of those companies, it's a research company so it's not going to have a lot of earnings. When I see a stock like Celgene finally starting to move, my instincts are to pick up Celgene."

Esperion Therapeutics: "Boy, that one is back from the dead. But you know what, it has really had a very big move. But it's not my favorite again. I would rather be in a Regeneron at this point. I think that is giving a better opportunity. That stock has moved too much, Esperion, from its bottom."

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