Peter Thiel's tech book became a 'bible' on Trump campaign, report says

Then-president-elect Donald Trump shakes the hand of Peter Thiel during a meeting with technology executives at Trump Tower, December 14, 2016 in New York City.
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Billionaire Peter Thiel's start-up manifesto, "Zero to One," served as "something of a bible" for President Donald Trump's campaign, according to Politico.

The campaign's bold marketing took after the famed book, which contains contrarian advice on entrepreneurship and "how to build the future," Politico's Eliana Johnson reported. Thiel was so influential on the team that some of his employees called him "the shadow president," according to Politico.

Within the sphere of Thiel's influence was Trae Stephens, who oversaw the Defense Department transition for Trump after several years at Thiel's data and cybersecurity start-up, Palantir, Politico reported.

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According to Politico's unnamed sources, Stephens made "unusual" comments and questions about saving money on defense procurement. Palantir receives millions of dollars annually from the federal government.

CNBC is reaching out to Thiel, Palantir and the Trump campaign for comment.

Trump transition team's code of ethics required that members disqualify themselves from involvement in any particular transition matter which may directly conflict with a financial interest, and address any appearance of a conflict with the general counsel. In December, a spokesperson for Thiel declined to tell CNBC whether either he or Stephens had signed the agreement.

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