Read this now: Israeli airstrikes|Activists take on Trump|PwC's Oscars gaffe

Here are some of the key stories CNBC is following this hour:

Israel carried out airstrikes on Monday, aiming for militant sites across the Gaza Strip.This comes hours after a rocket was fired into southern Israel, where it landed in an empty field. No one was injured.

A group of activists took on President Donald Trump in Mexicoon the issue of the border wall. They painted the message, "We are neither criminals nor illegals. We are international workers."

A North Carolina law that prohibits sex offenders from using Facebook and other sites may soon be declared unconstitutional. At least five Supreme Court justices suggested on Monday that they would rule against it. Justice Elena Kagan pointed out the law is so broad that it also prevents people from reading Twitter accounts, including Trump's.

Accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, which has worked with the Academy for 82 years, said it deeply regrets its error regarding the best picture award Sunday night. Tabulators gave presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway the wrong envelope by mistake. The envelope had "La La Land" and Emma Stone written on it instead of the real winner: "Moonlight."