Democrats sit on their hands during President Trump's address to Congress

Democratic female members of the House of Representatives talk before U.S. President Donald Trump addresses the U.S. Congress.
Jonathan Ernst | Reuters

Mr. 'Make America Great Again' got a "meh" greeting Tuesday night from Democrats.

Democratic members of Congress largely kept in their seats, and barely applauded during much of President Donald Trump's address Tuesday.

When Democrats did clap, it often appeared unenthusiastic.

The cool response to Trump by Democrats was in marked contrast to Republicans, who often stood to applaud and cheer at key parts of the president's address.

The contrast between the two sides was particularly strong when Trump said, "We must restore integrity and rule of law to our borders."

Democrats were standing and applauding when Trump entered the House chamber before his speech, his first to Congress.

And there was loud laughter by some members of Congress when Trump said, "We have begun to drain the swamp of government corruption by imposing a five-year year ban on lobbying by executive branch officials."

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