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After Nokia 3310 relaunch, Lenovo CEO doesn’t rule out iconic Motorola Razr return

Jun Sato | WireImage for MOTOROLA | GETTYIMAGES

Lenovo, the owner of Motorola, has not ruled out bringing back the popular Razr smartphone if there is demand from fans and it helps bring people back to the brand, the CEO of the Chinese electronic giant told CNBC on Tuesday.

Yuanqing Yang said the Motorola Razr could be used to bring people back to the smartphone brand.

"We should be smart if Motorola fans remember something. If Razr is a good one we should think about how to leverage that," Yang told CNBC in an interview at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

"But whatever we bring back, it has to be a stronger product than the original."

The CEO's comments come after the Motorola released the G5 at the MWC with the company planning an aggressive comeback in the smartphone space. Lenovo is not within the top five smartphone players by market share globally but is strong in many emerging markets such as Brazil and India.

Lenovo is now pushing to gain further share in developed markets like the U.S. and has ambitious plans.

"I hope in two years we can go back to the top three (smartphone players globally)," Yang said.

The smartphone division of Lenovo, which has been losing money, will also be profitable by the end of the year, Yang said. Lenovo's quarterly sales were $2.2 billion in the three months through December, a decrease year-over-year of 23 percent.

"We are aiming to turn around this business, we must be a healthy business. We believe within two or three quarters we can achieve this goal then we'll achieve profitable growth," Yang told CNBC.