New Zealand is offering a free week-long trip to those who land interviews

Wellington, New Zealand
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Wellington, New Zealand

From subsidized juice cleanses to tuition reimbursement, companies will do a lot to secure the right talent, including offering all-expenses-paid travel to one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

Wellington, New Zealand, is looking to beef up its burgeoning tech workforce. To speed up the process, the city is offering a free week-long trip to 100 job-seekers with the chops to snag an interview. Software developers, creative directors, project managers, analysts and digital strategists are all encouraged to apply.

Would-be Kiwis have until March 20 to submit their resumes to LookSee Wellington, New Zealand's site, and "win the ultimate tech career trip."

Candidates that make the cut will be flown to New Zealand for a week that will include pre-arranged interviews with top tech companies and the chance to network and explore the city.

Job offers will be made at the end of the week. Information about the process of immigrating will also be provided to international applicants.

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The country has long been a top destination for adventure-seeking tourists, but of late it's attracting some high-profile expats as well.

In January, billionaire investor and Trump advisor Peter Thiel reportedly secured New Zealand citizenship and a hefty parcel of land. The country was recently identified as the favorite destination of ultra-wealthy individuals preparing for the apocalypse.

Even non-billionaires can retire to a cottage in the island nation if they learn the ins-and-outs of securing local real estate.

This is one case where prioritizing time to travel could advance your career as well.

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