The Brawny Woman? Paper towel brand replaces iconic logo for month of March

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Venus Williams: I'm not even close to moving on from tennis

Your package of Brawny paper towels is going to look a little bit different this month.

The Georgia-Pacific brand is replacing its burly, flannel-wearing hunk with a woman in a nod to Women's History Month.

"There are women and girls everywhere who exhibit strength and resilience in their lives, and that's the inspiration behind the Brawny #StrengthHasNoGender campaign," Frances Morgan, senior brand manager at Georgia-Pacific, said in a statement.

Although this is the company's second year of this initiative, it's the first time they've replace the iconic Brawny Man with a Brawny Woman.

In addition to the limited-time packaging, the company will be showcasing a series of short films on its website that highlight women in STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and math — and making a $75,000 donation to Girl's Inc, an advocacy group focused on inspiring young girls to enter these fields.

"STEM is among many areas of society that are underrepresented by females, and we felt this would be a powerful platform to address this issue," Morgan said.

Source: Brawny