Uber board member Arianna Huffington says she's been emailing ex-engineer about harassment claims

Huffington on Kalanick: He has my confidence

His company has become a lightning rod for criticism of Silicon Valley culture, but Uber CEO Travis Kalanick still has the full confidence of the board of directors, media executive and Uber board member Arianna Huffington told CNBC earlier on Friday.

"He definitely has my confidence, he has the board's confidence," Huffington said on Friday at the YPO Edge conference in Vancouver. "I have talked to dozens of employees one-on-one, and they see, from the actions that have already been taken, that ...this is not about apologies, this is not about words. This is about changes within the company — which are happening every day."

Uber's latest round of troubles started when former Uber employee Susan Fowler published an explosive blog post in February, alleging widespread gender bias in the company. Huffington said she's been emailing with Fowler regularly.

Later, Kalanick was caught shouting at an Uber driver in a dash-cam video. To top it off, a top hire at Uber was asked to resign after revelations that he may have been accused of sexual harassment during his previous work at Google.

Arianna Huffington
Kate Rooney | CNBC

Uber has launched an investigation into gender bias accusations and Kalanick has apologized for the dash-cam video.

Huffington said she had not yet read the latest report to mar Uber's reputation: A New York Times report on Friday that Uber has a secret tool, Greyball, used to systematically evade authorities around the world. (Uber told CNBC the tools is for "fraudulent users," including "opponents who collude with officials on secret 'stings.'")

Huffington said that other top performers could be let go if more mistakes are uncovered.

"My promise, as I put it, was that no brilliant jerks would be allowed in the company," Huffington said. "This is one of the problems: When top performers, great executives, are shielded because they are top performers. And Travis didn't just promise that, he demonstrated it."

(After this interview aired, Uber confirmed that a vice president at the company had resigned, after Huffington was tipped off that he was "making out" with an employee, but there was no suggestion of any sexual harassment on his part, Recode reported.)